3R Health

One-week health rejuvenation programme to get you back to health
£145 before 25 December 2018
£195 normal price

"Just one week made me feel alive again"

If you are fed up of feeling tired and worn out, have stomach problems or skin issues or other health niggles that just won’t go away this is the perfect programme to get started on your health. With Christmas and the end of year festivities this may be just what you need.

Trying to fix it on your own can be a challenge not knowing where to start, doing self-care by changing your diet but not seeing any improvements or things actually seem to get worse. This is a supported programme and can be highly transformative. 

What's Included

“I’m a real procrastinator and never seem to get started… the support just helped me do it” Janet Brown

“I loved everything the plan, products and support, particularly the support it kept me motivated”  June Smith

“Just can’t believe the difference it made in one week”  Patrick Noel

Are you ready to get started on your health?

£145 before 25 December 2018
£195 normal price

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