Coaching Programme

A unique programme for those wanting good health and to keep energy levels high in order to lead and maintain a demanding lifestyle

Why Do It?

A demanding lifestyle – be it leading a team, a business or your life – can be exhausting and therefore requires high energy and vitality to live it fully. A formula one car would never get around a race track if it wasn’t taken care of with the best team to renew, sustain and maintain it. Your body and mind deserve the same.
When we go through life we may experience signs and symptoms, lack of energy and drive, motivation fades and it becomes a struggle to get through the day, sometimes there are stomach issues, headaches, hormonal problems, muscle aches in fact all sorts of aches and pains seem to settle in.

This programme helps to address your health and keeps you in charge of what it is you want so you can live your life fully with health and vitality.

What Do I Get?

This coaching programme is delivered with practitioner Rumana Zahn ND who has over 25 years experience to support and help you in looking at your health and wellbeing, whether it’s dealing with issues, recovering or maintenance.

Monthly Coaching Calls

At the start of the programme you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire so you have a snapshot of your starting point. Each month on your one hour monthly coaching call Rumana will discuss topics to help you put into place and work through your health. She will cover six key areas:


Clear guidance is given to you in your six workbooks and for you to work through and get into each aspect of your health. You will be taken through learning how to enhance your health and life, what gets in the way and how to overcome some of your obstacles.

You will be guided by Rumana and encouraged to work through your own health in depth with various exercises in the workbooks. Sometimes we never get to work through or listen to the symptoms that may have blocked us and Rumana has a way of helping to look inside and change that which is causing ill health.

Community Group

Join the private facebook community where you get the support of your peers and get to ask questions and where you can look for accountability buddies to help you break habits and create better ones. This is an invaluable resource at your fingertips.

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Monthly Q & A

There is no fun looking after your health alone, as things crop up support is needed. You can ask specific questions at the monthly Q&A calls and have Rumana on your side as your online naturopathic health practitioner.

Who Is Rumana?

Rumana Zahn ND has over 25 years clinical experience with patients who have reached out to help restore their health and wellbeing. She started as a scientist and then became a practitioner of different paradigms of medicines and learned to understand what keeps the body and mind healthy and well. She is a great advocate of research and development of human mind and body. She lives in the North East of England and practices yoga, meditation, mindfulness and finds time to do argentine tango.