One Week Retreat

Awaken Consciousness and Rejuvenate Health

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with Rumana Zahn ND

“When we align with our will, intent and purpose we can see marvellous
changes occur in our life and our health.”

About this Retreat

This retreat enables a deep rejuvenation of mind and body to awaken possibilities within using our consciousness. When we set our intention, engage our will and commit with purpose it is possible to create profound results.

Taking the time to explore your inner world in addition to creating health and healing for your whole being in a hectic world is essential. Set in a beautiful peaceful location so that you have everything around you to recharge and work with the tools to help you transform alongside a fabulous team to support, nurture and care for you.

Scientist, practitioner, speaker and writer Rumana Zahn ND has been working with individuals for over 25 years, is passionate about health, healing and consciousness, will be leading the retreat.

The Importance of a Healthy Body

When we focus on awakening consciousness through our senses we create a profound connection to ourselves and others. When practiced alongside a health-giving programme the body and mind are in a state of ‘opening’ and work in harmony. It enables one to reach deep into their inner being creating a state from which inspiration, ideas, revelations and even healing can occur.

Taking the principles of science and Eastern philosophies and practices of yoga and tantra Rumana creates a unique journey into ourselves. Having had an out of body experience herself she is able to explain this deeper connection we can all have with ourselves and life.

Dive Deep into Yourself


  • Experience and connect to different states of consciousness
  • Revelations of setting intentions to create a life we want
  • Exploring the power of healing within these states
  • Releasing unconscious blocks that hold you back
  • Reconnecting to ones self, to others and to life
  • Feeling of rejuvenation in mind and body
  • A cleansing and healing food programme for the body and mind
  • Mindfulness and increasing self-awareness
  • Experience a place of beauty and peace
    Have support and guidance

“When we are fully present and connect with others
a whole universe opens up”

What's Included

  • A programme to rejuvenate the mind and body
  • A series of awakening consciousness workshops
  • A food programme to rejuvenate the body and mind (tailored)
    – 3 freshly made organic juices per day and 1 mineral rich organic broth at the end of the day (inclusive) or
    – raw or cooked vegetarian/vegan food if preferred (priced separately)
  • Food demonstrations and recipe ideas with the super on-site chef
  • Daily health educational talks to enhance learning about natural approaches to healthy living
  • Twice daily yoga classes for all levels set within a studio with fabulous views
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Coastal walks in Gozo
  • Entry and exit health screening to assess achievements during your stay and explore strategies for continuing change
  • Use of the facilities: infra-red sauna and outdoor swimming pool, salt-water Jacuzzi, steam room and fire pit in the garden


Held in the beautiful resort of Amchara in Gozo, Malta

Client Feedback

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Retreat with Rumana Zahn

Rumana Zahn ND is a scientist, practitioner, lecturer and director at Clinic Naturae and has been working with individuals and organisations for over 25 years to create health. 

She travels internationally teaching about health, awareness and consciousness. Having had an out of body experience herself Rumana will recount how we all have access to a whole universe within. She encourages us to explore the science along with the Eastern teachings of yoga and tantra to create a deeper connection to ourselves and with life.

Rumana lives in the North East of England where she dances argentine tango, engages in philosophy and practices yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Invest in Yourself