Etihad are the national airline for the United Arab Emirates. Set up in 2003 it has seen phenomenal growth since.

Etihad Airways employs over 9,800 staff representing more than 126 nationalities, 8,274 of whom are based at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Etihad view their diverse workforce as one of their most important assets and therefore place a strong focus on wellbeing. Etihad invest heavily in making the environment a good place to work.


Etihad host a number of wellbeing days for the staff. On breast cancer awareness month (October 2012) they hosted a discussion panel of which Rumana Zahn was a part of. The panel included: a medical doctor, a surgeon, a naturopath (Rumana Zahn) a breast cancer survivor and a husband’s story of his partner who had breast cancer.

The day was about raising awareness, providing information about breast cancer, treatments and preventative approaches available to Etihad staff.

The screening unit was also launched which was to provide women (and men) over 40 years of age regular mammogram screening.


Raising awareness of anything to do with cancer can be quite a challenge as it’s such a serious condition and so many people don’t want to know until something goes wrong. The wellbeing day was attended by over 80 staff. It was a good turnout of both men and women.

The panel provided relevant information on the subject of breast cancer, personal experiences and options that were open both naturally and medically.

Rumana provided information on the naturopathic approach that could be used alongside medical treatments and certainly for rehabilitation after undergoing medical treatment like surgery.