An energised and healthy workforce is far more productive, creative and motivated.
Innovative ways to help your employees thrive and ooze wellbeing.

natural health workshops which can be run in the workplace

There are ways to managing health naturally. Our workshops can teach you how. From managing stress and anxiety without drugs, to allergies and food intolerances, from gut health to nutrition and much more, these workshops can be run as half day or lunchtime sessions, or on staff wellbeing days.

a modular programme to teach your employees to look after their health, naturally

This is a dynamic, modular programme which helps individuals create a personalised health plan, taking a proactive approach in their health care. It addresses issues of improving energy, gut health, mental health, and more, in order to revitalise and improve wellbeing.

personalised natural health coaching programmes for your employees

Working with a practitioner level health coach, 1 to 1 support can supercharge individuals to take a more focused look at their health, tackling any health issues by putting into place natural protocols.


Organisations have increasing obligation to
focus on their employees’ health and
wellbeing, why? Because of

• Legislation
• Increasing litigation and insurance premiums.
• Rise is major illnesses
• Absence from work
• Adverse effects of stress on employees.

Wellbeing at work is about employees,
teams and the whole organisation taking a proactive role in health. It’s about prevention and enhancing health through natural and lifestyle approaches.
Our programmes sit well alongside
occupational health and health and safety in the workplace.

A Wellbeing at Work Programme can help both the organisation and the employees

Norma Foster

Chief Executive

“The Wellbeing at Work programme has been incredibly well received. All the staff engaged with the programme and have become health aware. As a result we’ve also managed to decrease absences.”

Pascal Fintoni

Head of E Business

“If I now look back a year and a half later, I must confess I had no idea how bad I was. I have more energy; I sleep better and have much more control over my eating habits.”

Maria Humphreys

Project Manager

“I look at things from a different perspective now. I notice when I’m under a period of stress and what to do to help. When you see the results, that spurs you on to keep going.”

Jennifer Robson

Online PR and Communications Manager

“I’m taking a more conscious and proactive role in my health. I noticed how my energy levels soared, which has helped me in my hectic schedule and not fall asleep as soon as I got home!”

Etihad Airways

Raising awareness of anything to do with cancer can be quite a challenge as it’s such a serious condition and so many people don’t want to know until something goes wrong.

The North East Regional Portal

The learning helped staff make personal decisions in their health and to become more proactive in how they approached their health. Changing habits into more positive ones and taking new approaches created a big change not only in the individuals but the whole team. Norma Foster, CEO said “Since Rumana delivered the programme, productivity has soared and, although absenteeism wasn’t an issue, sickness has fallen and everyone’s feeling great!”

Johnson Matthey

The one to one clinics were highly successful. Participation was high and staff were very motivated in looking into natural routes to maintaining their health and wellbeing. Johnson Matthey were very pleased with the outcome and are now looking at additional innovative approaches that would help further enhance staff health and change the company’s culture towards an award winning employer.


Tarek Nseir commented that “the Wellbeing Programme has been a great success, and staff have really benefitted from the programme as well as the organisation”. A combination of the learning and awareness of ‘preventative’ initiatives motivated individuals to become more proactive in taking control of their own health. In the survey some individuals found ways to improve their energy levels, some found techniques to manage stress better and others found benefits to their personal health issues.