Your programme can run alongside your existing medical treatment or as a stand alone course in dealing with particular ailments. 



Acute and chronic
Digestive and nutritional problems, weak immune system, allergies, recurrent infections, autoimmune disease, cognitive decline, chronic fatigue, mental health problems, stress, headache and migraine, skin problems, cardiovascular problems, male and female hormonal problems, cancer

Natural cancer care
Natural cancer care is one our key services and our approach takes into consideration whatever diagnosis and treatment has already been given. Our programmes can run alongside medical treatments and are holistic, giving support and guidance as needed

Children’s health
Children flourish and can be very responsive to natural health treatments.Investigations in clinic are not invasive or stressful and always involve an accompanying adult.Treatment protocols are specific and adapted for children

Mental and Spiritual health
Using tools such as mindfulness, meditation, breath work and journalling


Health Assessments and Tests

  • Examinations may include abdominal, musculoskeletal, cardio-vascular, mouth and nail
  • Tests in clinic with Kinesiology (a muscle response technique using the body’s biofeedback mechanism)to assess for: nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, allergies, infections, organ and system functions, hormone imbalances, heavy metals, toxins and geopathic stress
  • External laboratory tests are arranged where required (additional cost)
  • Patients learn to observe and work body’s innate feedback system

Remote testing

  • Remote testing with report, prescription and guidance can be carried out using Psionic Medicine, with a sample of hair submitted in a secure postal package provided by the clinic
  • Available for patients unable to attend the clinic


Treatments include a combination of naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, kinesiology, body work, detoxification and more.

Nutritional and digestive strengthening

  • Food programmes designed for specific health concerns are core to all health plans
  • Nutritional testing and advice on food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies
  • Guidance on which foods may aggravate your condition, which to avoid and which to include, along with meal recommendations

Detoxification and restoration

  • Body organ and system detoxification from toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides
  • Protocols to support restoration and renewal of the body and its processes

Strengthening the Immune System

  • To help prevent recurring infections and illness that may exacerbate other conditions
  • Work on your microbiome to enhance your defences and support the immune system

Other Services that can be added

  • Iridology is a detailed visual assessment of the coloured part of the eye
  • Acupuncture and therapeutic massage can be arranged by the Clinic

Naturopathic Prescriptions, Dispensary and Shop

  • Herbal formulations are blended to your personalised prescription and dispensed in the clinic
  • Our dispensary also offers a wide range of tinctures, infusions, creams, oils and other products
  • Guidance on nutritional products which suit your body type including strength, dosage and duration
  • We source high quality herbs and only use natural based quality product