Over the past 25 years we have helped thousands of patients through our clinic in Newcastle, to find an integrated, holistic way to improve their health. We offer personalised programmes for all ages, including children; for acute and chronic illness and natural cancer care; and for maintaining health and wellbeing.


If you are new to the clinic to get started the first step is to arrange an initial consultation. This is a chance to discuss your health concerns and find out more about our treatments and how they may be able to help. If suitable and there is availability the Practitioner will discuss next steps with you.

The initial consultation lasts 15 min and is free of charge. To book your appointment click on the button below or call 0345 680 1418

Please note due to demand we currently only offer limited intake into the clinic and there may be occasions where there is a waiting list in place.


Work on your health to improve energy and cognitive function, strengthen digestion and immunity, reduce aches and pains and/or deal with specific health issues. 

We apply natural treatments including a personalised food programme, organ and body system cleansing, strengthening your microbiome, clearing pathogens and heavy metals, revitalising immunity, mental and spiritual support and more.

Programmes can be taken in clinic or at a distance online (with tests carried out remotely). Our New Patient Programme suits most patients coming to our clinic, however, we understand everyone’s needs differ, so if you would like to discuss further options please contact the clinic.

New Patient Programme
Delivered in a structured course of one to one consultations, assessments, tests, treatments and follow-up reviews; with personalised nutritional, herbal and homeopathic prescriptions (products not included).

  • Adult: 7 sessions over 3-4 months (3x 60 min and 4x 30 min)  £975 (or £350 x3)
  • Child: 3 sessions over 2-3 months (1x 60 min and 2x 30 min)  £585 (or £220 x3)

Follow-on Treatment 
After completing your New Patient Programme, you may arrange Follow-on Treatment sessions.

  • Single 60 min consultation and 30 min follow-up review  £275
  • Course of 3 consultations and 3 follow-up reviews  £800

Other services that can be added

  • Assessment using Iridology £195
  • Therapeutic Massage £60 (£10 off your first massage)
  • Acupuncture First appointment £95 | follow up £55
  • Dispensary and herbal shop £various

Learn more about our health programmes, tests and treatments


When you have completed your New Patient Programme and any Follow-on Treatment and your health has stabilised, you can discuss an Ongoing Care Plan to help maintain your health.

Ongoing Care includes an Annual Health Check: a natural health ‘MOT’ to help detect and head off problems before they take hold; with additional support also available during the year when required. This is available in-clinic or online, along with remote testing.  

Annual Health Check
£245 (or £26.60/month)
A once a year consultation to include checks, tests and treatment plan.

Support between annual health checks
Additional support, flare-ups, new problems; initial contact via a website contact form.

  • Support Call, up to 15 mins  £50
    For quick queries and guidance by phone
  • Level 1 consultation, up to 30 min  £95 
    To address a single health concern
  • Level 2 consultation, up to 60 min  £185
    To address more than one health concern and investigation
  • Level 3 consultation, up to 90 min  £275
    To address complex problems, multiple tests, coaching

Urgent appointments guaranteed (limited availability): same day +£100 | within 3 days +£50

Changes, Cancellations and Missed Appointments
48 hours or more notice £0 due
Less than 48 hours notice £75 due
Missed appointment  £full fee due

Returning Patients
Patients who have not visited the clinic in over 36 months are advised to repeat the new patient programme

*Our consultations can include any of the following:


Botanical medicine

Structural therapies

Tongue and nail analysis





Mind-body medicine

Clinical nutrition

Psionic medicine


Our North East clinic is located in the heart of Newcastle City Centre and only 2 minutes walk from the train station.
If you prefer to drive then there are various car parks around the city centre and we suggest you take a look on for car parks close to the clinic.

4 Black Swan Court, 69 Westgate Road
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SG

T. 0345 680 1418

Reception Opening Hours
Monday to Fridays 8am to 7pm
Saturday 8am to 5.30pm

Rumana’s been absolutely brilliant. For the first time in 47 years I have confidence, that’s been a godsend. I reduced 4 lots of medication within 6 weeks of seeing Rumana, I feel like a new woman. The transformation has been so quick.

Elaine Shirkey, Cancer